Ways to Prevent Car Lockout

Ways to Prevent Car Lockout

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There is no doubt that car lockout is one of the most frustrating accidents which can occur. It is awful to be all alone on an empty parking lot in the middle of the night or to be stuck at home when you are in a hurry to reach work and take the kids to school. Instead of worrying about the occurrence of such an accident, take smart measures to prevent it. Consider the most effective ones.Ways to Prevent Car Lockout

Easy and Reliable Methods

In order to avoid getting locked out of your car, take measures to avoid losing the transponder car key. Place it on a keychain as soon as you get it. You might want to go for a digital item with a tracker to reduce the risk of loss to the possible minimum. When you are out of the house, keep the item in a secure place, preferably in a zipped pocket inside a bag. A zipped jacket pocket will also work. When at home, keep the key in one specific place. It should be high above the floor, cool, and dry.

Adopt all measures for avoiding car key loss as this can seriously compromise the security of your vehicle. In such cases, the solution will involve not only new key cutting. Usually, lock rekey will be needed as well. Try to avoid all this hassle just by being more vigilant.

The proper maintenance of vehicle locks and keys reduces the risk of lockout, according to our experts in Wembley. Auto locks must be lubricated on a regular basis. Typically, annual or semi-annual lubrication is perfectly sufficient. Lubricant based on graphite or silicone will do a good job. One really important point is to clean the device before applying the product. Lubrication prevents locking devices from getting stuck. It also works to reduce the risk of lock freezing. In order to avoid this cause of auto lockout, lubricate the lock of your car properly before the winter arrives.

You must keep keys clean. Most types of dirt can be easily removed with alcohol, vinegar, and lemon juice. Do not use corrosive cleaners, however. Additionally, remember to keep the chip section dry, always insert the key gently, and turn it with care. Otherwise, you may end up needing broken key extraction.  

Use all of these methods for reducing the risk of vehicle lockout.

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