How to Reduce Lock Picking Risk

How to Reduce Lock Picking Risk

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It is a fact that home door lock picking is one of the most widely used techniques for breaking into houses. The good news is that you can take adequate measures for reducing the risk of this type of break-in. Find out what they are and how to apply them correctly.How to Reduce Lock Picking Risk

Effective Prevention Methods

Get locks with security pins for exterior doors - These pins have the shape of a mushroom, barrel or spool. This makes them practically impossible to manipulate with the traditional picking tools. At the same time, our experts in Wembley explain that not all of these devices are created equal. It is important for you to select a model which has dependable design and strong make.

Add deadbolts to all exterior doors - There are several ways in which deadbolt installation improves the level of security. These locking devices are harder to pick and to break as well. Besides, when a thief has to deal with two locks at the same time, the chances of him giving up are much higher. In general, the deadbolt devices with one-inch bolt and a six-pin locking mechanism are the most reliable.

Set a CCTV camera right over the front door - Cameras are among the major deterrents for thieves so this will automatically lower the risk of attempts for lock picking and opening. Appropriate camera installation is crucial since the device must capture the face of the approaching thieve while being protected from attacks. Another option is the installation of an electronic lock equipped with a mini camera that takes a picture of every person attempting to open the door.

Maintain all door locksets in excellent condition - Provide general cleaning at least once a year. Remove rust timely with the use of distilled vinegar or a safe commercial cleaner. Ensure that the hardware including the strike plate is properly secured in place with screws. Tighten or replace screws when necessary. Lubrication should be provided annually and in case of sticking or jamming. If it does not help, timely repair is required. Procrastination may cost you dearly.

Opt for lock upgrade at least every five years - Even the most advanced technology gets outdated eventually. Given the current speed of technological development, the effective useful life of most types of locking devices is around five years. They have to be changed when the time comes for keeping the level of security optimal.

Implement all of these measures for best results.

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